Monday, January 9, 2012

30 days Shred challenge


So I started it. 30 days challenges.
It's a workout video by Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.
The point of this workout is to confuse your muscles so they don't get stuck in the same routine.

There is 3 levels. 1 level for every 10 days.
Now it is possible to stay at one level for more then that, but it is made so that after 10 days, you should feel good about moving up to different movements.
In each levels there is also 2 levels of intensity. So obviously, being not so fit, i am doing the low impact version...but even then, i had a hard time to keep up! lol

So if i was to stay on level 1 longer, I can just up the intensity of it.

Each Level is a workout of 25 minutes.
In it, you switch back and forth between Cardio, Core and Strength.

In the cardio session (level 1) there is the usual jumping jacks, jump ropes, butt kicks, punches.
In the Core session, there is push-ups, abs work out, crunches, side crunches, bicycle crunches ect.
And in the Strength session there is lunges and weight lifting.

So you do 2 cardio for, then 2 Core, then 2 Strength and then back to Cardio ect... but with different movements.
By the end, we kinda mix things up...Crunches with weight liftings ect...
I didn't calculate but I don't think we spend more then a minute per reps.

Obviously, we start off with a warm up and end up with a cooling session.

There is no breaks between movements, because it's all about confusing your muscles. Once you get into the motion, you gotta switch up! lol...let me tell you, my muscles weren't the only one confused.

It was tough, i admit.
I'm not the most fit girl out there, that's for sure.
But I can tell that it is a work out that will get easier after a few days.
And that I will be sore the next few days too.

I don't think I will be losing a lot of a weight, but It should help on losing inches.
I think it's a good way to start losing weight.

30 days, I can do it....right?
It's oly 25 minutes of my day...and if I add my gym classes on top of that and calories counting...I should be good!

On another note

My family and I decided to run a 5k fun run in May. So that gives me a bit less then 5 months to get in shape to do it.
4 years ago, I did it. well I ran 4 and walked 1, and under 40 minutes (39 minutes to be exact). It was my first time, but i did I can do it again!

That's my first weight lose goal : 5k run under 39 minutes.


I got my appointment with the dietitian for January 26th (in 2 weeks).
So things may change then (specially my weight, she has a good scale, I have a cheap tricky scale)
Last time I saw her before Christmas, I was 229.3lbs hopefully by then I will be less then that.


Vicky said...

Je suis de tout coeur avec toi ^-^

Hélène said...

Bravo Marie. Lâches pas :-)

Unknown said...

You can do it!!!!