Monday, January 2, 2012


Today, I went grocery shopping.
I decided to go to the one beside my bank in North Bay for a change (Independant) and I think this will be my new spot.
It has a whole section on Natural food and plenty of Japanese stuff too (Japanese cury??? yes!)
I decided I will be buying 3/4 of my food in the natural section, the 1/4 left will be for veggies/fruits and random craving of meats.
Sure it is more expensive, but if I buy only the essantial and only eat healthy food. In the end it will be rewarding.

Enough of that, I googled a few motivational quotes and i selected a few of my favorits.
I will be changing my desktop^background to one of those every month.

I hope you enjoy them too.

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Cath P. Cua said...

I love the impossible I'm possible one! And teh Nike add too!