Monday, January 21, 2013

Johnny's Entertainment Goods Sales

Hi, due to lack of money to finance my future trip to Japan, I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning in my JE Goods and put some of them for sales.

  • You will find a picture of the goods, a small description and the price (IN CANADIAN DOLLAR) below.

  • Please use this website to figure our the exchange rate in your country. Just enter my prices and it will tell you how much it is in your currency.

  •  I will ship everywhere in the world, but you must pay for the shiping at cost. 


Items are listed by Goods, not Groups.

All in good conditions, always kept in a photobook.
Some are doubled as shown on pictures.
1 photo = 2.50$
4 photos = 8$ (*save 2$)
Official Concert Tour photos = 10$ (the whole pack)

 Kanjani8 EightxEighter Official Concert tour group photo. Sold only during the concert tour.
 Maruyama Ryuhei - EightxEighter Official Concert tour solo photo. Sold only during the concert tour.
 Arashi - Ohno Satoshi x Matsumoto Jun
Arashi - Sakurai Sho
 Kat-tun 6nin - Keep the Faith PV group shot red (x2)
Kat-tun 6nin - Keep the Faith PV group shot black (x2)
 Kat-tun - Nakamaru Yuichi x Kamenashi Kazuya Keep the Faith
Kat-tun - Kamenashi Kazuya x Tanaka Koki x Nakamaru Yuichi
Ka-tun - Nakamaru Yuichi x Tanaka Koki
 Kat-tun- Nakamaru Yuichi in white (x2)
Kat-tun- Nakamaru Yuichi shirtless (x2)
Kat-tun- Nakamaru Yuichi heart
 Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya Double Peace (x2)
Kat-tun - Kamenashi Kazuya (x2)
Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya Sunglasses (x2)
 Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya One peace (x2)
Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya Darling (x2)
Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya Lips PV
 Kanjani8 - Nishikido Ryo x Subaru shibutani
Kanjani8- OhkuraTadayoshi x Nishikido Ryo TORN
Kanjani8 - Gorilla Hina x Nishikido Ryo

 NEWS- Taiyo no Namida Koyama x Massu x Yamapi (x2)
NEWS - Taiyo no Namida Massu x Yamapi, x Ryo x Tego (x2)
NEWS 6nin - Taiyo no Namida group (x2)
 NEWS 6nin - photoshot
NEWS 6nin- Concert shot (x2)
Tokio - Nagase Tomoya
Tokio- Masahiro Matsuoka Yasuko to Kenji style

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well this is it! Another year bites the dust!
Bye Bye 2012!
You have been good....not fantastic, but you did your job.

I started the year by going to be around 11pm so that I could wake up to 2012.
And now I started the year by going to bed around 11pm to also wake up to 2013.

To be honest, I haven't "rang in" the New year in a few years.

2012 started with me being "on call" for work....and so did 2013.

It's like i'm doing full circle!

Since my memory is fuzzy, i will go along with my facebook timeline to remember what happened each months.

In the second portion of my internship in Sturgeon Falls. This month was pretty unevenfull. My sister turned the big 3-0. My niece was barely 2 months old. And I started my resolution, the same one i make very year. The same one that last 2-3 months : get in shape! I started with the 30 days shred. It was hard but I saw myself to do something I never could before : plank and normal push-ups. I also started seeing a dietitian. She helped me understand the importance of vitamines...but that was pretty it. I ended up gainning weight in that period. hmmm. I also got a job interview for a funeral home in Toronto. But i ended up turning the offer down a few months later.

It started with me reading The Hunger Game, which i became pretty obsess with afterward. My mom and chris came for a visit and we celebrated my mom's birthday. By the end of the month, i went to a Girl's night out charity event for the Colon Cancer awareness event. We got to invade a hotel, wear our PJ's and drink all night as we got pedi, a magic show and a psychic show.

I got my job interview for the job I currently have. My sister, mom and niece came to visit and we went wedding dress shopping for my mom. It was a sucess because we found it in the first store after trying on the 7th dress. The movie Hunger Games came out, and i saw it twice.

I had a little trip down to Ottawa to meet my new employers and eat some St-Hubert. I started packing my appartment and was almost done my internship. I seemed to have discovered Pinterest then lol

Had it's ups and downs. I finished my intership and prepared my big move to Ottawa. I got to see an old friend (Nicky) and got to karaoke with him for a night. Started my new job in a prep center and quickly realized that this was what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. Then we had to say goodbye to Ucchi. She had a hard time to adjust to the new changes of moving and her condition turned for the worse overnight.

Went back to school to write my exams and passed with no problem. Also got to write my Board of Funeral Services licensing exams....stressfull! Got to spend a couple of days in my mom's pool as a graduate before going back to Ottawa. Got myself a brand new kitty : Bussan to keep Ozzy-chan company...but they don't get along...oops.

Well we had the Olympics!  But first, i got to spend a weekend in montreal with my cousin where we spent our time at La Ronde. Then I got my results from my licensing exam and I passed thus making me an official Funeral Director.

I'm 28....yikes! don't feel like it. I feel more like 21...Celebrated my birthday by going to Calypso waterpark! Loads of fun! Meanwhile, my sister and her family are in the philippines and Japan. My niece is slowly learning how to walk at 10 months old. The Eito Ranger movie is out in Japan. And I discover a small Japanese community in Ottawa.

I finalize my new tattoo. Got my hair done..and that's about as much excitment i got that month.

My mom and Chris got married. Beautiful wedding with lots of awesome people! My niece walked down the aisle too. My job decide that it's time for me to leave the prepcenter and move me to another location (quite upseting) my niece turns 1 year old so we throw her a big costume party! I was a garden gnome!

Ozzy-chan's health is deteriorating.  Get a visit from my family. My cousin Sandrine moves in with me, so we do a little reno and rip out the pink carpet in the living room so we can paint the wood floor chocolate brown. Slowly getting ready for the holidays.

The final month! Discover Buffy the Vampire Slayer and become addicted. Start preparing things for Christmas. Finish my shopping. Receive my cousins, their boyfriends and my aunt for Christmas eve. Work New Year's eve. Ozzy-chan is really sick with a cold...and the world didn't end!

And here we are!

2012 wasn't an overly exciting year for me. I feel like it was the year of ending. Like everything I had been working toward too for the past years, all came to en end in 2012 : Graduating from school, Finishing my internship, Getting my license, Preparationg for my mom's Wedding....ect.
They were big now i feel like 2013 is lacking focus.

What am I looking forward too in 2013?.....not much really. I don't actually have plans for the next year. I work and that's pretty much it.

So i need to give myself goals.

Well for starters my resolution will be "to be happy". I feel like I have been lacking happiness in my personal and professional life in the last few years. And well, depression is playing a part in that. So i need to take care of that. I'm tired of feeling unhappy about things and unmotivated. It really took a big blow when at work I got transfered to do the part of my job that I do not like and got pulled out of the part of my job I loved. So now i need to find ways to be happy so I can enjoy working again and being around people.

Next, I would like to go back to school. I would like to go to University part-time so that slowly I can get myself a B.A. Since I already have a career, i'm just looking to take courses in something I enjoy, rather then something to get a job later. So i've been thinking of doing a Major in Arts and a minor in Asian Studies/japanese. Since I love painting and doing arts and I would like to learn how to properly speak Japanese. So i'm thinking of joining University part-time by September. I don't care how long it takes me, but I would really like a B.A.

I would also like to travel this year. I haven't traveled in 4 years, so i'm itching to go different places. Of course i'd like to go back to Japan, but it is getting ridiculously I am looking to go to Orlando to spend some time at Universal Studio in the Harry Potter world. I'd also would like to go to England and see what goes on there.

Well so far that's about it for 2013. I hope it turns out to be a good year. I don't have much expectation for it, so it's not like i'm getting my hopes high for an awesome year, hopefully it won't be too bad ahahah

So bring it on 2013! Show me what you got!!