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Johnny's Entertainment Goods Sales

Hi, due to lack of money to finance my future trip to Japan, I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning in my JE Goods and put some of them for sales.

  • You will find a picture of the goods, a small description and the price (IN CANADIAN DOLLAR) below.

  • Please use this website to figure our the exchange rate in your country. Just enter my prices and it will tell you how much it is in your currency.

  •  I will ship everywhere in the world, but you must pay for the shiping at cost. 


Items are listed by Goods, not Groups.

All in good conditions, always kept in a photobook.
Some are doubled as shown on pictures.
1 photo = 2.50$
4 photos = 8$ (*save 2$)
Official Concert Tour photos = 10$ (the whole pack)

 Kanjani8 EightxEighter Official Concert tour group photo. Sold only during the concert tour.
 Maruyama Ryuhei - EightxEighter Official Concert tour solo photo. Sold only during the concert tour.
 Arashi - Ohno Satoshi x Matsumoto Jun
Arashi - Sakurai Sho
 Kat-tun 6nin - Keep the Faith PV group shot red (x2)
Kat-tun 6nin - Keep the Faith PV group shot black (x2)
 Kat-tun - Nakamaru Yuichi x Kamenashi Kazuya Keep the Faith
Kat-tun - Kamenashi Kazuya x Tanaka Koki x Nakamaru Yuichi
Ka-tun - Nakamaru Yuichi x Tanaka Koki
 Kat-tun- Nakamaru Yuichi in white (x2)
Kat-tun- Nakamaru Yuichi shirtless (x2)
Kat-tun- Nakamaru Yuichi heart
 Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya Double Peace (x2)
Kat-tun - Kamenashi Kazuya (x2)
Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya Sunglasses (x2)
 Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya One peace (x2)
Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya Darling (x2)
Kat-tun- Kamenashi Kazuya Lips PV
 Kanjani8 - Nishikido Ryo x Subaru shibutani
Kanjani8- OhkuraTadayoshi x Nishikido Ryo TORN
Kanjani8 - Gorilla Hina x Nishikido Ryo

 NEWS- Taiyo no Namida Koyama x Massu x Yamapi (x2)
NEWS - Taiyo no Namida Massu x Yamapi, x Ryo x Tego (x2)
NEWS 6nin - Taiyo no Namida group (x2)
 NEWS 6nin - photoshot
NEWS 6nin- Concert shot (x2)
Tokio - Nagase Tomoya
Tokio- Masahiro Matsuoka Yasuko to Kenji style

1 photo = 1.50$
4 photos = 5$ (*save 1$)
 Kat-tun - Ueda Tatsuya // Kat-tun - Nakamaru Yuichi
Kat-tun - Akanishi Jin // Kat-tun - Tanaka Koki
 Kanjani8- Maruyama Ryuhei Shirtless
Kanjani8- Maruyama Ryuhei glasses
Kanjani8- Maruyama Ryuhei smile
Kanjani8- Maruyama Ryuhei Perm
 Kanjani8 - Ohkura Tadayoshi Black
Kanjani8- Ohkura Tadayoshi Blonde
 Kanjani8 Yasuda Shot black
Kanjani8- Yasuda Shota Blonde
 Kanjani8 Subaru Shibutani  Emo
Kanjani8 Subaru Shibutani Perm
 Kanjani8- Yokoyama Yu shaved
Kanjani8- yokoyama Yu highlights
 Kanjani8 - Nishikido Ryo Heart
Kanjani8 Group Red
Kanjani8 Group Black Space for Uchi
Kanjani8 Group Big 8

1 uchiwa = 10$
Junno Uchiwa (minus the plastic covert) = 8$
Queen of Pirate- Nakamaru Yuichi
Bikkuri 2008 Concert - Shibutani Subaru
Puzzle Tour - Maruyama Ryuhei
Break the Record - Nakamaru Yuichi
Break the Record- Junosuke Taguchi

 NEWS - 2009-2010 stand up desk calendar.
Double sides photos of all 6 members.
Used but still in good condition - 15$

 NEWS - Purely 2008-2009
Individual sheets of calendar (no binder)
Has all the sheets and posters. Plastic tab to display calendar on wall included.
Still in very good condition, never used (just took out of the box, sister kept the binder) - 15$
 Kanjani8 2007-2008 (x2)
Stand up desk calendar. Double sided images. All sheets included.
Slightly damages on the display box at the back (not visible from the front). Used as display. - 12$ each
Kanjani8 2009-2010
Standup desk calendar.
All sheets included (one sheet per weeks in the year)
Box display is slightly damaged at the back, on the side (tab doesn't close shut) and the front bottom is slightly bended as seen on picture. Some sheets may have damages on the corners (bent corners)- Obviously used but has lots of great photos- 10$


8$ eachs, all in very good conditions, never used, never removed from plastic wrap.
Yamapi unofficial
Masuda NEWS Diamond Party SOLD
Tegoshi NEWS Diamond Party

8$ each posters all in good conditions, never used. Large size!

FRONT Kanjani8 group with Osaka Tower

BACK  Eito Ranger board game

FRONT - News group

BACK - NEWS newspaper (writen in English) 


10$ each, all CD's in good conditions. Case may be cracked on some, but CD works perfectly.

DAITE SENORITA -  Yamapi solo debute
SIGNAL - Kat-tun (with Jin)
KEEP THE FAITH - Kat-tun (With Jin)
SEISHUN AMIGO - Yamapi and Kame unit
GO! - Arashi
IT'S MY SOUL - Kanjani8
kAN FU FIGHTIN - Kanjani8


10$ each Original concert goods from Kanjani8 Countdown Concerts.
Little envelops with stickers to put money in to give at New years. Each packs comes with all 7 Eito ranger colours .



10$ POSTCARD SET - Kanjani8 Onsen trip
All cards in very good conditions, except the hard cover has come unglued (as seen in the picture). Lots of postcards in the set (didn't count but there is more then 10 for sure)


Manga books featuring our idols. 8$ each books. All in good conditions except on the cover some have sticker residue from the price tag and some scratches. All manga are in Japanese.

Kanjani 8- Volume 1
Kanjani8 -Volume 2
Kanjani8- Volume 3

 Kat-tun manga

Kat-tun CD/DVD case

You and J Fanclub pamphlets. 2$ each or 5$ for all.
 Slightly used. Featuring pictures and interviews of members of Kat-tun, News and Kanjani8.
Those pamphlets are exclusive only to fanclub members.

You&J Black
You&J Red (scratch at the front)
You&J Beige
You&J Green

** ask for who is feature in each if interested



 Fill this form and post here with the subject line : JE GOODS PURCHASE

Name : (can be initials or nickname)
Country (province/states):
Paypal Email :
Contact Email : (if different from paypal) 
Items you wish for: 

  • I will email you via Paypal an Invoice of total cost + shipping  + handling fees.
  • 50% of the cost must be paid before I ship the items. Once the Items are shipped, the remaining balance must be paid. I will provide proof of the shipping upon request.
  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars. All items are shipped from Québec, Canada
  • 5$ handling fee is added to ALL shipping : this cover the shipping material needs for protection of all items (ex: bubble wrap envelop for CDs, rigids cardboard to protect pictures from bending..ect) 
  • If I am required to spend more money on bigger shipping material (big boxes ect..) I will notify you before.
  • I will maintain contact until you have received your package. 
  • I will update this page as I sale things. If you request for an item, it is on a first come, first serve!
  • Any questions can be posted in the comments below (you do not need to create an account here to comment)
 What others have to say about me

When I lived in Japan, under the LJ name Kikumarie, I sold a couple of JE concert tickets as well as goods, here's what others have said about me :

"This seller was extremely helpful! I put out an ad for a pamphlet and she contacted me quickly regarding the item. She was flexible in negotiating over the price (which was very reasonable) and was willing to set up a meet-up with me, which helped me a lot since I was working on a limited budget. Communication was also great! All in all, an excellent seller who I highly recommend and hope to do business with again sometime!" - bustix2000

"awesome seller! replies quickly to emails and items were delivered in person as well. Purchased from twice and will purchase from again :D Purchased items: tsubaki shampoo, summer cooling strips, arashi 5x10 bag and arashi poster. Thanks for taking my weird item request as well!"- kawaii_beela

"Seller is very friendly! She responded to my emails very quickly and the overall transaction was very easy! I'd definitely make another purchase from her :)!" - rie_no

"The shipping and the email replying was fast. All my stuff was intact and arrived to my home safely !!! Thanks !!! I would not hesitate to buy again some goodies from her !" - kataomi

(French)"J'ai été très satisfaite de ma commande par Kikumarie. L'envoie a été rapide et j'ai reçu le paquet en bon état. Je suis contente d'avoir fait affaire avec elle, c'est une personne de confiance avec qui je ferai de nouveau affaire si l'occasion se présente de nouveau. Merci beaucoup" (English) "I was very satisfied with my order from Kikumarie. The shipment was fast and I received the package in good condition. I am very happy dealing with her. She is someone you can trust and I would deal with her again if the occasion appears. Thank you very much" - Vicky

"Bought a kanjani8 keychain from this seller. She was easy to communicate with, and price was very reasonable. The transaction was very smooth and I had a great experience purchasing from this seller!" - natari_kj8

I bought some cds and official photos and they arrived in time and safe. The seller was really friendly and helpful. it was a pleasure to buy from her. - vikifaxherfeit

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