Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I hope this is the one!

Welcome to my monthly update of my little self ahaha

So what's new with me since last time? Well I joined a gym.

I know it doesn't sound too much like fun, but i am being optimistic about it (and that's saying something!)
Last time i talked about little challenges I decided to set for myself.
Well this is part of one and it also counts as my new goal.

Since last year, since i graduated from school, since I passed my licensing exams, since I got a good stable job.....I have been feeling down on myself. Mostly because everything I had been working toward, the goals I had set, had all came to be all at the same time and POOF! i had no more goals to look forward too.
Everyday, I was going to work, going to sleep. nothing ahead of me...so that made me depressed.

I challenged myself onto becoming happy and lately I have been. I have been working on my anxiety and doing things that were out of my confort zone. Doing things I used to do a while ago, but somehow stopped doing. Slowly i'm starting to see that life is not so horrible....but i still dislike people lol

Anyways, I joined a gym. Nautilus Plus to be exact.
It is 5 minutes from my house, so it's doable.
I its a bit expensive, but i'm getting a lot out of it.
I choosed the program Transfor Bronze.
Which means, this is a program built for people who wants to...well..transfor their bodies. So not like "oh I want to loose 10lbs" or "oh i need to tone or built up muscles" or "oh I just wanna look good in my bikini in 3 weeks"...nah this is more for people like "yeah, my pants size have 3 digits" or "how many more X can I fit infront of the L" or "hmmmm I wonder if that mu-mu is gonna be able to cover my a$$"....so people who needs big transformations...like me!

So i went it and I got paired with a personal trainner. With my membership, not only do i get access to the gym (and sauna) anytime I want, but I also have a trainner following me. I get 12 sessions, so roughly once a month for the next year.
And I also get a dietitian. I get 3 sessions with her (as part of my membership, but can have more with my work benifits paying for them)

I met with my trainner last week for the first time and I had 2 appointments. The first one, we talked about my goals and did some assesments. We took messurments and weights. Then with this nifty machine, we were able to pin point my muscle, water and fat mass of that weight.
Anyways there is a lot of technology in that, but basically I got to see that half my weight is muscles and water, the other half is fat....yikes! (I also found out that my left leg is 2% more msucles then my right one)
With all this, we were able to figure out that I need to loose 80lbs to reach my ideal weight of 150lbs.
And also that in order for my body to function on a regular basic, like just sitting around and breathing, I will burn 1499cal. a day.
My second appoitnment, was about endurance. We messured my fat content in my skin and my heart rate and blood pressure while working out. Basically, i got a lot of fat...but my blood and heart is great!

With all that, we figured out my program. I go a 10min. warm up on the threadmill, 35min of muscles training (leg curls, leg press, chest press, chest pull, crunches) and 15min. Cardio elliptical. then 5min back on the threadmill to calm down, and 5min stretches sets. Roughly 1hr...3 times a week and my 4th time, i do 30min. cardio only.

In 2 weeks, we will change it up, and then every month.

My trainner keeps track with this form I have to fill in when I do it. If she sees that I haven't been to the gym 3 times in my week, she calls me to kick my butt lol

Tonight, I met with my dietitian. We talked about what I eat and did a little questionair, where she asked me if I ate certain food last week. Then the computer calculated how much calories I ate a day in my week on average.
Well turns out, that if i need 1499cal to function...but then do 3x my excercise, she calculated that I need to eat 2023cal a day to MAINTAIN my weight......well guess what, according to that questionary, I have been eating 2028cal a day in the last week...which means, I have been maintaining my weight. So according to this, this might be a reason why I haven't been loosing weight in the past. I would either eat too little calories, thus starving my body, or eating just enough to maintain myself.
So if I want to loose 1lb a week, i need to cut 500cal a day (did you know to loose 1lb you need to burn 3500 cal), which then bring me to eat 1500cal a day if i keep working out and this should make me loose a pound a week......which should make me reach my first goal of 30lbs by september.

My next meeting next week with my dietitiant, we will set a meal plan of 1500cal. Right now, i have to start making better choices, like eating something before and after my work out.

So there it is. Tomorrow, it will have been 7 days since I started, and so far I have gone working out 4 times. So I survived my first week, yay!

Basically, this is my new goal...my new thing to look forward too. I have achived the rest, now i need something new, and this is it. I don't really care all that much though with how many lbs I lose....but I care about how I will feel about myself, how I won't have to shop in the plus sized section, how I won't be a threat to diabetese now.

 My goal is to reach a weight that makes me happy and healthy.
One step closer to my happiness!

here's the link if you want to check out nautilus
Oh yeah, all this, gym, trainner and dietitian, is costing me 150$ a month.
That's 150$ less to go eat in restaurants (which I was doing way too often lately)

oh and one of the guy who lost the most weight last year with my program, works out at my gym and he looks great after losing 65lbs. Give me hope.