Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 23 of Weight loss

So I decided to talk a bit more in detail about my new Weight Loss Program.

On January 28, 2015, I started a Metabolic Diet. I had never heard of it, but my Psychiatric had recommended it to me (well he got me a referal). He said, that if I lost weight, I might feel more confident. Perhaps he is right, although I never really had issues with my weight (sure some days it sucks, and I hate shopping) I guess i had gotten used to being overweight.
So on the 28, I made my way to the clinic.
The nurse greeted me and brought me in a back room where she took my blood pressure and weight me on this awesome scale. I say awesome because it gives full details on my body. The weight, the BMI, the Fat %, the Water %, the total Fat, Total water and lots of other things.
The after that i was brought in another room, where i met with the Doctor. He gave me a brochure that said "Metabolic MD, Phase 1" and explained to me that there is 3 phases.

I started at 243lbs (i'm 5'3", so yeah....not good)

Phase 1 is the hardest because you are detoxing your body from sugar, salts, carbs..ect. You get your body into a "safe starvation" where it will start burning the excess fat in your body for energy rather then using the sugar intake and storing more fat. All I am allowed to eat in this Phase is Green Leafy vegetables (Lettuces, Spinash, Kales), Protein (Chicken, Meat, Fish), Lemon Juice, Water and Tea all I can eat, and then up to 4 cups of vegetables (no roots vegetables). Also i am allowed of 10-12 NET carbs per day. the NET carbs is basically the amount of Carbonhydrates minus Fibers minus Sugar Alcohols. Let me tell you, most food has over 30 Carbonhydrates...So not Easy. But I get to be on Phase 1 until I reach 10% of my weight. In my case 24lbs! Now it is important to NOT cheat in this Phase, because if you do, you are basically starting over. It takes about 7 days for your body to understand that you are not starving and that you have sufficient energy to burn within you. But if you cheat, it goes into "omg i'm starving..better stock up this fat".

Phase 2, you start introducing more food. Like certain fruits and certain grains. You stay on this Phase until you reach your ideal weight (I'm aiming for 150lbs, I don't want to be skinny, I like my curves)

Then Phase 3, you introduce more food and also learn how to maintain your weight.

Oh and throughout those phases, you are subject to random pee test lol
Also, if you fail to follow the program, you will get kicked out of it. I mean, it is covered by OHIP so, they are not gonna pay for someone who isn't serious about it.

Now it is 23 days since I started this program and I have lost a total of 10 more pounds to go until I reach Phase 2.

After doing research, It pretty much looks a lot like Atkins Diet...but perhaps more strick.

My Psychiatric told me that he has seen a lot of success with this place, people losing 20-30 lbs the first month and people losing over 70lbs in a year. I didn't really believe it, but today at my weigh-in, I met this girl (maybe a bit older then me) who lost over 70lbs in the last year and she looked Fabulous!! (maybe 125lbs now), so it gives me hope that this girl can be me by next year!

Things I have noticed since losing weight.

I have Weird dreams! mostly all about food. Pizza, Mcdonalds, Poutine, Fettucinnis...ect you name it!!! I miss SALT!!!! not so much the sugar, but man I miss puting salt on my food...but that's a big no (retains water).
I can see my collar bone!!! and my cheeks are not as puffy anymore. I look less Round face and more Oval lol
I have a definition between my stomach and Boobs...that's a good thing!
I have lost about 2-3 inches on my hips, so my pants fit better. When i sit for a long time, the button doesn
My mom and sister say they can see a waiste on me!

The first 2 weeks were brutal! coming from someone who never ate salads, to eating it 3 times a was tough. But this week was better. I'm finding things I can eat (granted I have to go to special low carbs groceries), i'm starting to have more energy too.

Next week i'm off to Florida. So the doctor said that if I have trouble eating on the road or eating out, I can always go on Phase 3. Which will make me stay on my current weight rather then gainning some or starving. Now I don't intend on touching too much of Phase 3 foods. I will try to stick to my Phase 1 list and in case of emergency, maybe eat some foods from Phase 3. I don't know, I plan on losing my 10lbs during the vacation, since we will be walking alot, I am hoping that will help me.

So this is what I have been eating lately lol. This is not recommended for everyone! (although my mom is doing it with me as a way to support me, although she is not as strick, she still eats fruits and some salts, but she is not being followed by a doctor, so this is better for her). This Diet really is a last chance weight lost for overweight people (often used to lose weight for sugery, or alternative before you go for a bypass or lipo).
I may not have looked like it, but I am obese (if not morbidly obese) with a BMI at 44 (now 40, mind you). I had to do this. My father was diabetic, I didn't want to end up like that or worse, get a stroke in my 30's.

Once I return from Florida, I will consider restarting Insanity Workout! Now that i getting more energy and not feeling as dizzy anymore. I think my body finally realized that I have plenty of reserves to use lol.