Tuesday, October 25, 2011


On October 24th, 2011, at 12:53pm, my big sister gave birth to my first niece : Hudson Sulian P.C.
7lbs , 18 inches and healthy baby girl

Born from an Asian father and a Caucasian mother,with her dark hair. squinting eyes and little nose, she is the splitting image of her dad.
I have to be bias and say she is probably the most adorable baby girl I have seen!

The pregnacy wasn't an easy one, and neither was the birth, but now that she is with us, she was worth the wait and the pain of it all.

ahaha I can't believe my sister is a mother. She was probably the one we least suspected to have a baby first XD

Unfortunetly, I haven't met her yet. Living and working away from my family, makes it hard, but in 2 days I will be spending 3whole days with her and my sister, whom I am so proud of.

She is going to be one spoiled little girl, she already is and she has only been here with us for 1 day ahaha.
I am very happy be an aunt. Can't wait to start to spoil her.
I am the crazy aunt! ahahah Don't mind if I do!

I'm so happy that she is also an Halloween baby, so fitting with our family!
And I can't wait until we drag her to a Kanjani8 concert (might have to start with Heysayjump or sexy zone ahahah).
She's a little eito baby!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The weather is finally getting cooler. Last week I was in shorts and tshirt which is very weird in Canada at this time of year. But today it is cold. Cold enough to wear a small jacket and maybe a scarf.

Which means : Halloween is coming!

Falls (or Autumn) is my favorit season. I like the weather, even if it rains a lot. It's not too cold and not too warm.
We get to wear comfy clothes and eat comfort foods.
The air is crips and smells like the dead leaves paving our streets in reds, yellows and browns.
So beautiful!
Then by the end, just before winter arrives, we have Halloween!
My favorit holiday!

Kids and grown up gets to dress up as anything they fancy.
Imagination takes over reality, as houses are decorated in order to scare you or welcome you for free candy.
Superheros, Princesses, witches, monsters and many more are running around town at night.
With candels burning inside pumpkins with faces.
It's one of those time a year where it's ok to be up past sunset as a kid, eat lots of candy and run around knocking at stranger's houses.

What's not to love?

I may add that I always had a bit a taste for the macabre too (look where it has lead me!)
So every year, I want things to get scarier. Be it my costumes, or make-up or pumpkin and decorations.
For me, Halloween is suppose to be be scary...not funny, not cute, not sexy....but morbid, bloody, decomposing scary!
every year, I had a small horror movie marathon on my own.
Hands out candy until 8pm, put a sign up saying " no more candy"' at the door, curl up on the couch with the left over candy and watch a good old horror movie! lol

This year I was told that our town doesn't really celebrate Halloween. That most kids don't go door to door..It made me sad, but my coworker said he would come to my door with his daughters just for me! It's gonna be their first halloween too (2yrs and 10 months). So now i'm happy. I'll make them some cupcakes just for them!

So what do you like about Halloween?
Are you planning to dress up, if so as what?
What do you normally do on Halloween?
Which is your favorit season and why?