Monday, January 9, 2012

30 days Shred challenge


So I started it. 30 days challenges.
It's a workout video by Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.
The point of this workout is to confuse your muscles so they don't get stuck in the same routine.

There is 3 levels. 1 level for every 10 days.
Now it is possible to stay at one level for more then that, but it is made so that after 10 days, you should feel good about moving up to different movements.
In each levels there is also 2 levels of intensity. So obviously, being not so fit, i am doing the low impact version...but even then, i had a hard time to keep up! lol

So if i was to stay on level 1 longer, I can just up the intensity of it.

Each Level is a workout of 25 minutes.
In it, you switch back and forth between Cardio, Core and Strength.

In the cardio session (level 1) there is the usual jumping jacks, jump ropes, butt kicks, punches.
In the Core session, there is push-ups, abs work out, crunches, side crunches, bicycle crunches ect.
And in the Strength session there is lunges and weight lifting.

So you do 2 cardio for, then 2 Core, then 2 Strength and then back to Cardio ect... but with different movements.
By the end, we kinda mix things up...Crunches with weight liftings ect...
I didn't calculate but I don't think we spend more then a minute per reps.

Obviously, we start off with a warm up and end up with a cooling session.

There is no breaks between movements, because it's all about confusing your muscles. Once you get into the motion, you gotta switch up! lol...let me tell you, my muscles weren't the only one confused.

It was tough, i admit.
I'm not the most fit girl out there, that's for sure.
But I can tell that it is a work out that will get easier after a few days.
And that I will be sore the next few days too.

I don't think I will be losing a lot of a weight, but It should help on losing inches.
I think it's a good way to start losing weight.

30 days, I can do it....right?
It's oly 25 minutes of my day...and if I add my gym classes on top of that and calories counting...I should be good!

On another note

My family and I decided to run a 5k fun run in May. So that gives me a bit less then 5 months to get in shape to do it.
4 years ago, I did it. well I ran 4 and walked 1, and under 40 minutes (39 minutes to be exact). It was my first time, but i did I can do it again!

That's my first weight lose goal : 5k run under 39 minutes.


I got my appointment with the dietitian for January 26th (in 2 weeks).
So things may change then (specially my weight, she has a good scale, I have a cheap tricky scale)
Last time I saw her before Christmas, I was 229.3lbs hopefully by then I will be less then that.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Today, I went grocery shopping.
I decided to go to the one beside my bank in North Bay for a change (Independant) and I think this will be my new spot.
It has a whole section on Natural food and plenty of Japanese stuff too (Japanese cury??? yes!)
I decided I will be buying 3/4 of my food in the natural section, the 1/4 left will be for veggies/fruits and random craving of meats.
Sure it is more expensive, but if I buy only the essantial and only eat healthy food. In the end it will be rewarding.

Enough of that, I googled a few motivational quotes and i selected a few of my favorits.
I will be changing my desktop^background to one of those every month.

I hope you enjoy them too.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

One more year

Let me start off with Wishing you all a Happy New Year, filled with happiness and good health.

As we all know, this is our last year on earth before it explode or something on December 21st (lol)
So let's make it count!

As for me 2009-2010 were the best years of my life.
2011 wasn't that exciting in terms of adventures, but it was very educational.

I started my second semester in my program in Funeral Directing. I was proven to be more difficult then the first one, but I kept working hard and studied as much as my brain could handle.
I started my internship/ 2nd year into the program in May after finishing my 1st year with distinctions.
I found myself in the small town northern Ontario, in a small funeral homes with 4 others employees.

Slowly learning the ropes of the trade, i realized that I really enjoyed my work, but I started longing for more.
Being in a small funeral homes, it does happend to be 1-2 weeks straights without any work to do. It get's long and boring after a while. I started missing my family dearly, specially in the months closer to the birth of my first niece.
I came to the decision that I wanted to move back closer home once I would pass my license, just so I could be closer to my family, back into a city life, and in order to gain greater experiences.

In October my niece was born and well as getting a new car.
Life isn't so bad, but it could be better.

I got selected to be part of a documentary on losing weight, but after a few phones calls and having them telling me different things then originally told (yes you can get your own dietitian, but she has to be approved by us and no we wont approve her because we want you to use our very expensive dietitians) So i decided to drop the project, but also decided to stick with my dietitian (which btw is covered by OHIP if you have a doctor's referal).

I can't really pin point an exciting part of 2011. It was pretty straight forward. Didn't get the chance to travel, go to concerts or do anything really exciting.

But it's OK, because I plan on making 2012 great!

here's my plan for the year. It's not a resolution, I hate that word.
Goal will remains dreams unless you set a plan.
So I'm making a plan in order to achieve a few things this year.

1- I will go meet with a dietitian once a month (or every 2 weeks). I will go to the gym 3-4 times a week all this in order to lose 60lbs by October. I will also try and start a blog about my weight lost on youtube in order to gain support and perhaps help others struggling losing weight.
Why October? my mom is getting married, and I want to wear an amazing dress! Being able to shop^for nice clothes would be nice, rather then wear the only clothes I can find that fits me and start looking frumpy.

2- I will study hard in order to pass my licensing exam in June.

3- I will settle myself down in a bigger city in order to be more social like i used to be, and perhaps meet someone.

4- Save up money in order to go on Vacation in Japan during the summer and be able to see Kanjani8 8 years anniversary.

So those are my 4 goals for this year and they will come true because I am setting up a plan for each of them. They are doable and not overly impossible.

Today I will make a list of all the things I need to do in order to achieve all those goals. And I will post them on the wall infront of me (behind my computer screen) so that I can see it everyday and see what I need to do next.

4 years ago I did the same when I wanted to start my Funeral Director program. I made a list of everything I needed in order to apply for school. and within 8 months I had done everything and was then able to start my program.

I believe I can do it again. It is exhausting and i'm sick of seeing myself the way I am now. I'm tired of trying to find excuses and blame on others for the things I do wrong.

If the end of the world is really coming to and end this year, then I want to look good when I go!