Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All I want for Christmas is......

Well it's that time of year least coming soon enough!
I have already been asked about what I want for Christmas, so I decided to make my list. 
Most aren't specific in brands, don't really care for that, if it works, i'll be happy, but the ones where i'm specific I will post a link to it.

This is a list of things I would LOVE to have

Crockpot (small one, don't need the big one, it's only me!)
Popcorn air machine (so I can make healthier popcorn ya know)
Pots and Pans set (mine is mix-matched and starting to warp)
Walmart giftcard (those always comes in handy!)
Home hardware giftcard (I like to paint rooms and stuff)

Specific things I would like:

Mary Poppins DVD
Harry Potter series DVD
The Sound of Music DVD
Harry Potter BOOK series (french or english, can be used copies)
Dracula Book (can be used)
Jane Eyre Book (can be used)
Lord of the Rings Books ( mom I think you have my books at your house, you can re-gift them to me!)
Interview with a Vampire Book series (can be used)
Boardgames (any kind, just not card games)
Hudson art piece framed ;-)

Aside from all this, I accept Gift cards to various clothing stores like Old Nay, Rickies and Reitmans. As well as cash in an envelop. 

This is what Bussan would like to have :

Catnip toys
Feathered toys
Salmon flavor threats
Bowtie collar
a friend
Cat Milk
belly rubs
Play friend

Send me your list my way <| :-D   <---- be="" br="" is="" santa="" supposed="" this="" to="">