Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in review

It is 11:15pm on December 31st.
To be honest, I am about to go to bed and skip that whole "happy New Year" thing (Like I have done in the previous years 2008-2009-2010-2011-2012...)
It's funny but as I get older, the less meaning does the New Year's eve have ahahah I rather be in bed by 10pm then stay up until midnight to yell "Happy New Year", and let's be honest, i'm still trying to recover from Christmas parties!

Well, I am hoping that in the next 45 minutes, I will have my year in review written out in time to Welcome 2014.

2013 in general was pretty rough for me. If you have read my previous post, you know why so I won't go in details (depression blah blah blah) so i'll jut put out the highlights/lowlights of the year out for you.

2013 didn't start on  a good note. The week before New Year, I learned that my cat Ozzychan was sick. In 3 weeks, I tried everything I could to rescue her but on the 22nd, after struggling for a few days and weighing only 2.6lbs, she died in my arms from stomach cancer. It was hard on me because I really loved that kitty, even if I only had her for 2 years, and also because only 6 months previously, I had gone through the same thing with my other cat Ucchi.
Also around the same time, my depression got worse. I approached my work and confessed to them that I was not well. they were good enough to help me find help within the city and pay for my psychologist rendez vous. They were also nice enough to place me back full time in the lab (away from "living" human contact).

From then one, I started to get slightly better....or stable within my depression. As in, I was not getting any more worse or suicidal. But it was still not enough to help me get out of it.

A few months passed, and to be honest, I can't remember anything much fun during that time.

In May, I attended Comic Con in Ottawa with a coworker. It was a lot of fun. I got in touch with my inner geek and fangirled over Buffy the Vampire and Firefly as some of the actors form those shows where there (Nathan Fillion, Nicholas Brendon, James Marster...ect)

Over the Summer, i learned that 2 of my cousins got engaged (sisters, in the spend of 3 weeks). I was really happy for them and can't wait to go to their weddings. Around the same time, I started to take medications for my depression/anxiety, getting the final help i needed.

At the end of the August (after turning 29 years old) I finally got my first vacation, and drove down to New Orleans (25 hrs) with my mom and Chris. We spent a few days in the French Quater, got drunk on the first day, ate too much cajun food, had the runs for a few days after, ya know all the good stuff! ahahah But really the highlight was the Swamp boat tour. Seriously, if you ever go down there, you need to pay the extra money for this. It is amazing and you see so many Aligators it's ridiculous! plus I got to hold a baby gator in my hands <3 p="">On out way back, we took it slower and made a stop in Memphis where we visited BBKing's pub and Graceland. I no Elvis fan, but his house was something to see. Then me made it to Nashville for dinner, so we didn't really get to see much of it, but we got to have dinner in a diner with real country music. If you know me well, you know how much i despise country...and I still do. So I am proud that I was able to sit down and eat diner with that kind of music playing around. And finally, we made out way back to Ottawa. All this in a week. It was a great vacation, although I probably wouldn't go to any of those places again, i'm glad to say I did it.

On September 24th, our family was bless with a little bundle of joy name Phénix. My nephew is so adorable, I have no words to say how much I love him (and his sister). I have to say, i'm glad it's my sister having all the kids, because I don't know how I would be able to do anything that she does. She is a wonderful mother, she is raising such bright kids and I'm proud of her for doing all this (while doing her PhD)

October I got to see my other vacation, which I spent back home in Barrie. I got to be there for Thanksgiving and for Hudson's birthday/halloween. This kid is amazing!!! She is only 26 months old (2 years old and 2 months) and she is potty trained, out of diapers (even at night), she can dress herself (including snowpants, jackets, boots, mittens...ect) she knows how to use scissors, wrap presents. Always there to help you clean the house, change Phénix's diapers, fold laundry, make dinner. She knows that she needs to speak english to some people and french to others. She is a bright kid! She amaze me everyday. Man is she going to be bored when she starts school ahahah I love her so much.

And finally, on december 17, I moved in back home. Now let me explain what happened, because it's kinda surreal. My mom always reminds me that if things are meant to be, they will come.
Well back in October, I got an email. Actually, it was a junk mail. And to be honest, I never look in my junk mail, but that day I did. And i saw an email from a Mr. Davidson with the subject line"Interview:" Well that could have been spam, but I decided to just have a look.
It turned out that back in June, I had send an email to some Funeral home in Barrie, just letting them know that I would be interested in moving back there and if they ever had a position available to consider me. Well, one of those funeral home, sent my email to Mr. Davidson (whom in October was looking to hire) and thus contacted me to know if I would still be interested in moving back in the Barrie area. Being in Barrie already at the time, I set up an interview with them and well I got the job!
When I came back from my final vacation at the end of October, I gave my job in Ottawa my notice and on december 17, I moved in back home with my mom.
The job in not in Barrie, but 20 minutes away from it. It is in Wasaga Beach, which is pretty awesome in the summer. Yes there is a beach there, and yes you can swim!
Moving back closer to home, is a big plus for me. With my sister having kids, I wanted to be there and be part of their lives rather then living through Facebook. And also, being closer to my family is a big help toward getting better with my depression. (which btw is getting much better since I started taking my medications).

For december, I got to spend Christmas with my family, without having the stress that I have to "drive back" 6 hrs away from them. I got to relaxe and enjoy. Although, I am not use to being around people all the time. It's quite noisy at times lol

So this was my year. Not too exciting and quite rough at times, which means that 2014 cannot be worse!

For 2014, I will be starting my new job on January 6 and hopefully in the spring, I will be able to start looking for a place of my own closer to work. Also, I will be turning the big 3-0 in August, so I would like to go celebrate it in all dignity at Universal Studio - Harry Potter World! I would also like to make a trip out west to visit some friends. So who know what 2014 has in store for me, but I sure hope it's gonna be better then the last.

Well here it is...

5...4.....3......2.....1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

now i'm off to bed. Good night!