Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rebooting myself

Being unemployed has given me a lot of free time...but yet, I feel like I am busier (more busy)  then before. That's because I am busy. I am doing a lot of things with my free time. Aside from driving my mom to her physio appointments, I am rebooting myself.

Now is the time to do it.

Since October I have been seeing a Psychiatric to diagnose what's going on in my mind. I am also seeing a therapist to find tools to work on my anxiety probelms. Recently i started working out. I am doing Insanity Max 30, 5 times a week. It is difficult, but it is fun! I am already seeing progress after only a week. If you don't know anything about the program Insanity by BeachBody, I suggest you look it up. It is by far the best program of workout (no tools needed, only your body) and gives amazing results! (I have witnessed it with people I know, not just internet people lol)

Yesterday, I had my first appointment at a Medical Weight Loss Clinic. The Weight loss is similar to Bernstein's Diet or Atkins. It is a low-carb diet in 3 Phases. Phase 1 is mostly Green Vegetables and Proteins. Eliminating Almost (if not all) Carbs, Sugars and Salts. Then when I reach a weight loss of 24lbs, I will start Phase 2, that will reintroduce some components. Then when i reach my ideal weight, I will be going on Phase 3, which teaches you to maintain your weight. It is a very strick diet, specially Phase 1. It is teaching my body to stop using Carbs and Sugars as my main source of Energy and instead use the stored fats as my main source of energy. It teaches my body that, no I am not in a starvation mode. I have everything I need in me already. Then it will know that it doesn't need to store for much fats each time i eat.

Anyways, that's what I gathered so far. So today is Day 1. Started off my day with a good old Protein Shake. For lunch I will enjoy a big old Salad with some protein in it and for Dinner I need 1/3 Protein, 1/3 Green Leaves and 1/3 Fresh Vegetables.....Like I said, it's not going to be easy lol.

So with all these changes, i am taking care of my mind and body. I have the time to do it and surprisingly, it doesn't cost me anything! Did you know that we have a pretty good systeme for mental health care? All you need is a referal from your family doctor. Once I got that, OHIP covered my sessions with the Psychiatric, which then refers me to a Therapist (also covered), which then send me to a Weight loss clinic (also covered), which then send me to a Sleep Clinic (also covered)...All this together, will help me find myself and get better and live a normal life! All I had to do is Ask. There is help available for everyone who needs it, you just need to be open about it and determined to get better.

If you need help, it's there for you! If you don't know where to start or don't have a family Doctor, check this place out Ontario Mental Health Assosiation  (if you are outside of Ontario, search within your provice for Mental Health Assosiation) Or if you just wanna talk, I'm here, just drop me an email or Facebook message or write your email below in the comments and I'll contact you.

I am possitive that losing my job in October was a sign to get better. Now that I have the time, I will take care of myself (instead of focusing on others).  And I have all the support I need to do it. All I had to do was Ask!