Tuesday, May 12, 2015

100 days

Hello, I thought I would update you all on my journey.

I realized that tomorrow will mark my 100th day since I started my weight loss.

It seems like forever ago, but really it isn't.

So far I have lost a total of 25 pounds. Which breaks it down to about an average of 1.5-2lbs a week. I think that is reasonnable. I am still in the phase 1 of my diet (eventhough I have reached my 10% goal, i still need to get my BMI between 30-35...right now I sit at 38). I remember struggling the first 3 weeks. Man, it was hard and depressing...now, not so much. I have taken use to eating salads and chicken everyday ahahahah.
But seriously, lately I haven't been as strick as I should be. I have gave in into some cravings. With the nice weather and  happiness around the corner, I have indulged a couple of times to some bad habits. I didn't feel so much regrets after, but I did realized that the food that I used to love, that I still idolized in my head, doesn't taste as good as I remember. More of a "meh!" moment after eating it....which then removes that craving and I keep going about my day.
Here's a few things I have eaten in the last 3 weeks, that isn't diet approved.
McDonald egg muffin - got sick after for 3 days, that's done!
Poutine - Was the most unsatisfied things I have ever ate in the last 100 days, total "MEH"
Tim Hortons Nutella donut - had to try it, as anyone who knows me I am a die-hard nutella fan....well it was way too sweet and gave my stomach a turn, so no thank you.
Bread - normal bread...ok I had 2 bites, but man that was good! granted my diet bread taste the same, so I wont go back to normal bread for a little while. Gotta keep those carbs low.
Fruits- So i know they are in my phase 2 of my diet, so it's not so much a big no-no, so i don't feel guilty about it, but I don't indulge in it either.

So i think that's about it. It's not too bad to be honest. There might be a couple of other things were I had a bite or two, but when I know it's not Diet Approve, I don't go crazy on it and I am able to control myself...so that's a good start.

Now my biggest problem, is working out. I am having such a hard time to find the time or commitment to work out. Now that the nice weather is here, it is a bit easier...but still. I'm sorta waiting to see my summer schedule with work (when the school will close, I will only be working at the daycare, but I don't know what my hours are) so I am thinking of joinning the YMCA and work out with my sister during my breaks. Also I am planning on spending lots of time in the pool. I know if I work out, the weight will fall off quicker and easier, but it is sooooo hard ahahhaah

As for my Therapy, it's going very well. The group therapy is turning out to be very useful. I am learning a lot of skills on how to cope with anxiety and I have put some of them in practice too. Today, in my private session, my therapist suggested that I start making a structure life. Set specific times for myself to relax and calm my brain (aka Meditation). We practice a lot of Mindfullness meditation, and I find it to be very usefull. So I decided to clear out my bedroom and set a place where I can practice my meditation. I think by having a spot specific to it, will help me practice more on a daily basic.
I now have a work routine, but in order to help my anxiety, I need to create a routine for my personal life.
Structuring my life like this, will be much better I think. Working out and Meditation is in the process right now.

Overall, I feel much happier and less stressed out. I am starting to have the taste of returning to the things I used to love. I am painting more, I am singing more. I restarted listening to Kanjani8, I go out more, I have friends ect. I still have work to do, but I am feeling better.

I recently registered myself with the Ontario College of Trades, and I am registering to school in order to get my ECE certification. I do think as of right now, I made the right choice to change career. But I am still not certain of renewing my Funeral Director license for next year. I really don't think i'll go back to this (at least not for a long while, beside it is 200$ to renew too)

So now you are up to date....a lot can happen in 100 days!