Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catch up!

Woah the last 2 months have been sorta crazy!
I had to finalized all my school projects, including a Justin Bieber's head reconstruction out of wax.
I had to write my final exams while organizing a Fundraiser for Japan Tsunami's victims from March 11th.
Then I had to pack everything and moved back home once school was then pack even more to moved to my new town.
I got a job offer for my internship in Ottawa in March, but it felt through....Then got another offer in late april (just before exam time) In Sturgeon Falls (near North Bay)...and another possible offer in Toronto.
Finished my exams, and drove to SF, accepted the offer, visted 2 appartments. Choose 1 of the two. Drove back home. packed everything like I said...then moved to SF.
I arrived on Friday in my new appartment. now it's sunday and i'm almost done unpacking everything.

So i will make more detailed blog posts about Justin's head, the fundraiser, school, the job hunt and the new appartment in the next couple of weeks.

Right now i need me some food!