Sunday, March 18, 2012

Little update!

Now that winter is gone, i am slowly defrosting ahahaha
Let's see, the only exciting thing that has happened since last time is the fact that I now have all my 50 embalmings needed in order to write my licensing exams in June.

Sometime next month, I will do the practical exam of doing an embalming.
Then in June I will go back to school for 2 weeks for a quick review, and on June 19-20 I will write the rest of the exam.
In total, there are 3 parts (1 practical, 1 multiple choices, 1 long answer questions).
I feel rather confident about the practical part, but I am slightly nervous about the multiple choices.
I think they said there would be like 500 questions or something...that's a lot!
But now that I have all 50 labs done, I will start reviewing my notes.

Over the weekend, my sister, niece and mom came to visit for the day.
An all girls day!
And we ended up going wedding dress shopping for my mom who is getting married in October.
We thought of going to look just to get ideas, but after trying 7 or so dresses, we found the one!
So now my mom has a dress!
It wasn't what we had in mind for her to be honest.
But we decided to try it on, just to show her a different style (and it was much more fancy then we intended) but once she had it on, she looked gorgeous! We were all a bit surprised at how good the dressed looked.
I'm happy for her, She will look like a real bride and like a million bucks!

As for me, I have been working out and keeping track of what I eat.
Although I haven't seen any progress in the past 2 months except for being down 2lbs.
But my sister and mom insist that I look thinner then before.
I do feel stronger though.
But i just wish I could see some progress. It is kinda bumming me out.
But now that the nice weather is out, I hope to be more active.
This week I went for a walk 4 times, all of them being 1:30hrs long.

But i know....muscles weight more then fat blah blah blah....but i just wish it would show on the scale as well.

Thursday I have a phone interview for a job in Ottawa.
I hadn't planned on applying for Ottawa. My goal when leaving Sturgeon was to get closer to my family.
And Ottawa would be going further from them.
But nothing is panning out back home and I'm having second thoughts about the job in Toronto. From what I understood, it seemed like I would be working more in the call center then anywhere else...and well That's not what I want.
The job in Ottawa is similar to what I was expecting to the one in Toronto. It is a prep center that does all the embalming for their 6 other funeral homes. With possibility of working in one of their salon as a French director. Plus, a guy from my class is working there right now and he really likes it (they have great benefits too).
Also that place is part of the biggest funeral corporation in North America. They have funeral homes all over Canada and USA. So if i get in with them, later in life, I can get transfer pretty much anywhere if i wanted too.
So perhaps it could be a good thing.
We'll give it a try at the interview and see how it goes!

Beside, I do have some family in Ottawa, so it's not like I won't know anyone if I were to move there.

Well that's about it for that.
3 more months until I am officially a Funeral Director...oh boy!

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Lindsay said...

congrats chick!!! I'm so proud for you!