Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hunger Games

About 4 months ago, I saw a previous for the movie on TV.
It was short, and mainly consisted of a voice over and images of a girl running the woods and shooting arrows.
I remember thinking "well that seems interesting!"
Then that was it for a while.

2 months ago, my sister told me about the books. She said the movie was coming out and then I remembered seeing it on TV. That same week, I went to the theatre to watch a boring movie (The Woman in Black) and the trailer of The Hunger Games went on. I got all excited after watching it! It seemed really cool!

So I borrowed my sister's book and started reading it a month ago. I read the first 5 chapters over 3 days. You know, 1-2 chapters before going to bed...but then my day off came and I finished the rest of the book in an afternoon.

I was hooked!!!

Luckily a few days later my mom was coming to visit, so she was able to bring me the 2 other books (Catching Fire and Mockingjay). I had to wait a few days to read them because I knew I had to read them one after another and needed my weekend off to do so.

finally read both of them 2 days. Took me a total of about 12hrs per books.

I have been addicted to the story since...and with the movie coming out this friday, I am way excited!!!

I haven't obsessed about a book this much since, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
At those time, I ended up having "malfoy" as a nickname, for my blond hair and sarcastic comments. and an elvish tattoo on my back.
This time, I got my official Panem citizen ID card, got sorted in District 11 and got myself a snazy tote backpack with my District logo, name and ID # on it (totally personalized).
I won a free Ticket to see the movie on Friday too from one of the many contest I participated in.

I really don't  know what it is about the books that is so compelling. Perhaps the characters are very easy to relate too and they all seen so real and they fight for what is right.
I don't think there isn't one character that I hate...even the bad guys, I find a way to relate to them, if that makes sense.

Anyways, If you haven't read the books, do it! it's worth it.
Yes it is a "young adult" book but NO it is far from being lame like Twillight.
Just imagine The Lord of the Flies mixed with 1984...
Or a futuristic Battle Royal.
It touches all subjects from politics to relationships. Good and Evil. Real or not Real. ;-)

Please come obsess with me on The Hunger Games!

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