Thursday, July 12, 2012

The results are in.

Well I haven't updated in a while and lots has happened since.
First, I finished my internship in SF After a year of learning my trade, I was officially done, and since SF was now the place where I wanted to establish myself, I got a job in another city.

At the end of May, I moved across the province, 5 hrs away from home and family, with the idea of starting my new job and my new future. I got to do the 1st part of my licensing exam, which was a practical exam (aka an embalming), I got the result as soon as I was done which was : PASS.

2 weeks after, I had to return to Sudbury for my 2 weeks review and part 2 and 3 of my licensing exams.
Meanwhile, we had a boursary dinner, where I won 2 boursaries, so that was nice. I got one for having the highest grades in the Northen Ontario and one for leadership after taking the initiative of doing a fund raiser for Japan's earthquake when I was in school.

Then at the of those 2 weeks, it was the moment that was going to decide my future. We had 2 days selected to write our exams. The first one was a multiple choice exam, which over 300 questions all raging from the History of Embalming to Biology, Law and Chemistry to Business and Psychologies. The second exam was a short answer exam with questions about our legistation and law of funeral services, a few forms and contracts to fill in. But for those, i had to wait for a few weeks before getting my results.

Then it was back to my new city, working while waiting for my results.

Well now i don't have to wait anymore, because I got them this morning. Sorry it's blurry...but I PASSED! all 3 exams, which means I am officially a license Funeral Director!

I have to admit, i cried when I saw it. All the stress of the last month, came out in the shape of tears. Then I called my mom right away.

I'm very happy and proud of myself. I always had trouble finishing things I started or sticking to it in a long term plan. I usually give up half way...but this time I stayed and made it through and I succeeded.

So the next thing I did was paint the second eye on my daruma. DAISEKO!

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Andree Plastre said...

Congratulation, you are the joy and pride of your mother.