Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Bye Uchi

MAY 23, 2012

Uchi was a rescued cat my sister took in.
Unfortunetly, she didn't get along with the other cat my sister already had.
Uchi had been bullied by the other cat and developed stress and anxiety because of that.
When my sister's baby was born, Uchi wasn't allowed to be in the master bedroom since that's where the baby slept. So she lost her safe place and started becoming more anxious.

I got a new job in Ottawa 2 weeks ago and my sister and I thought it would be best for Uchi to move in with me.
I already have a cat, but she is scared of her own shadow, so not much a threat to Uchi.
The first week went very well. Uchi showed progress, being more social and acting like a normal cat.
We thought she was getting better.
The second week is when I moved to Ottawa.
The first day didn't  go well, she started (again) having blood in her urine. But we figured it was the stress from moving and probably developed some ulcers since the next day after she seemed fine again.
All week she became more social, adventuring out of the bedroom into the new house, even watch TV with me on the couch.

On May 22, when I came back from work she was sleeping in the spare bed. When I went to check up on her, she looked sleepy, but didn't think much of it. She then threw up in the bed. Which I also didn't think much of it since my other cat is a threw up cat.

On May 23, I woke up and got ready for work. She was still sleeping, so i didn't bother to wake her. but I did give her a kiss on the forehead.

When I came back from work that day, she was laying in my dirty laundry and didn't look well at all.
She had drool coming out of her mouth and a bit of foam on the side. I thought she was perhaps struggling with the heat, so I went and got her some fresh cold water, but as soon as I placed the bowl beside her, she threw up again, twice. This time it wasn't normal threw up. It look yellowish and foamy.
She then got up and tried to walk away, but her legs kept giving in and she would stumble around the room. She couldn't walk anymore.
I knew she hadn't been drinking or eating in the past 24hr...which is really bad.

I called my sister and we took the decision that it was probably better to get her check.

After lots of worrying and searching the internet for her symptoms, I called a 24hr Emergency Pet Hospital and described to the vet what was going on. She suggest I bring her in.

at 11pm, I took Uchi in. The vet came back with a diagnostic that wasn't good at all.
Kidney failure, ulcers and infection in her mouth and heart murmure.
The vet told me that she was in very bad shape and may not make it the night. She was in a lot of pain and her kidney were about ready to shut down.
I asked the Vet to get me an estimate for the cost on treating her and just to keep her in the ICU for 3 days was going to cost 2,500$ +.....that's without the physician and treatments.

My sister and I decided to put an end to her suffering.

At 11:30pm on May 23, 2012, Uchi passed away peacefully in my arms.
She was an amazing cat. A bit weird and antisocial, but she loved to sleep at your feet and head bump you for kisses.She loved to play by herself in secret and would stop as soon as you would look at her.
She was such a good cat. All she wanted was to cuddle and be loved.

We tried to make her life easier and I hope she was happy with the time she spent with us. I'm sorry I couldn't do much more to save her. I loved her so much even if we didn't live together for long.
She must have been in so much pain in the last 24hr for her health to turn for the worse so quickly.

She will be buried in my sister's garden in Barrie soon.

I'm sorry Uchi and We loved you. Your Suffering is over. Rest in Peace.

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Rice said...

I'm so sorry, Marie. It's really hard to lose such a wonderful friend, but I know you made her life better, both in quality and love. xoxoxoxo