Monday, July 16, 2012

Kisarazu Cat's Eye : Busan

I totally forgot to post about this!
Well as you know, last May I had to say good bye to Ucchi.
Ucchi was my sister's cat who came to live with me for 3 weeks before her kidney failed.

Now it was just Ozzy and I.
I could tell Ozzy was bored at home by herself all day, so i thought perhaps I should go and get her a friend.

One Friday afternoon, I went to the Humane Society to have a look. I had read in the papers that they were begging people to come and adopt their cats since they were over crowded (they even had a buy 1 get 1 free deal) but i knew that taking in 2 more cats was a bit borderline.

Well I spent a little over 3 hours there, visiting each cats, spending time with them seeing which one was nice, which one liked to play, which one would fit nicely in my home. I had the idea of going in and getting a kitten.
I was lucky there were 13 kittens to adopt...but after seeing all the people visiting the humane society stopping in to see the kitten, play with them, leaving and ignoring the older cats, I felt bad. Maybe I should adopt an older cat, like we always do. Give them a chance, Kittens don't stay long in those places, but older cats do.

So I spent time with a few of them, first there was Bobby, a big, but very big 8 years old black and white cat. The first time, he came running to me, meowing and rubbing himself on my legs. When I sat down, he jumped on my lap and started purring. The second time I went to see him an hour later, he completly ignored me...I guess it wasn't love at first sight after all.

I then saw this beautiful red long haired cat with a pointy face named Fox. He was all by himself at 11 months old. I sat down and quickly he layed down on my lap and stayed for a good 15 minutes. He was very cuddly and very gentle. But not really playful and I was afraid that if he was by himself in this room, was probably because he didn't get along with other cats.

Then in the last room, there was Malakai. This grey and white 6 years old male. He was really excited to see me and started meowing and rubbing himself agaisnt me. I had seen him with another person a few minutes earlier and he hadn't reacted the same way with them. He got up on his hind legs, so i took him in my arms, where he proceeded at head bumping me and giving me kisses. It was hard to resist.

I went back and forth between Fox and Malakai, I just couldn't make up my mind!! Don't give me that much choices, i can't decide!!!  I took pictures and sent them to my sister who proceeded to say that Malakai was prettier.

After a few hours, I realized that I kept going back to Malakai. He was playful and affectious. And every time I went in his room, he gave me the same welcome. So I went at the front and signed the papers and shed out a few bucks, then by 5pm, I was briging home Malakai....who was now renamed Busan!

Busan is from Kisarazu Cat's eye (same as Ozzy and Ucchi) It is a japanese drama that is hilarous that my sister and I really like. Busan is the leader in the drama, he is a bit hyper and lazy, clumsy and and smart. Living his life to the fullest (because he is dying of cancer in the drama)...and I though "Malakai" was just like that.

So now it has been 3 weeks since Busan is living with me and Ozzy. He is a pest!!! but i love him.  His play time is usually between 1am to 5am and normally i wake up to cat toys all over the place and things knocked off tables and bookshelves.  He likes to suprise attack Ozzy, who doesn't seem to enjoy this little game and he eats and poop none-stop lol  He loves to bite softly when playing, which my toes are not enjoy at 2am. And he is very vocal, always making some noise or another and talking to the walls.

Ozzy and him are getting along slowly. They don't share beds or food, but they coexist in the same room without pissing one another...except when Busan jumps on her out of no where. I hope they become better friends in the future. Maybe once Busan calms himself down a bit (note to self : do not give him catnip..he will be high for 24hrs)

So there you have it.... Busan and Ozzy are now my babies <3

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