Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Well it's December 3rd.
On the 1st, we got hammered with a the first snow fall, all 20 cm!

On the 2nd it was the village's Santa Claus Parade.
It last 2 hrs, then everyone went down by the lake for fireworks.
Most cars in the parades where tractors with lights. Some of them had bonfires on their was kinda cool.

I joined a few of my collegue at the Funeral home where we had pizza for dinner and hot coco.
When the parade started, which goes by right infront of the funeral home, we all gathered at the front salon, where there is a huge window giving on the street.
So we watched the parade from the inside, by the christmas tree.
We also offered free hot coco to the people standing outside in the cold.

Then we all took the walk by the lake.

There was a huge bonfire and the new restaurant (who opened that very night) was giving out free hot dogs (but the line up was crazy! i swear the whole village was there!).
The fire works started around 830pm and lasted 1 hr.

It is officialy the Christmas season in the village now!

I have most of my Christmas shopping done.
I got something for my mom, Chris, my sister and Tristan.
I wanna get something small for my sister's inlaw family. But i don't know what.
It's just since they will be spending Christmas with us, I think i should get them something.
I thought of maybe a giftbasket with local foods in it. Cath?

My Christmas tree is done and the presents are wrapped.
Oh i need to get Ozzy-chan something too, since if the weather is not nice on Christmas weekend, I'm going to have to spend it alone with her. So i better get her something lol

Well that's about it.
Snow is here.
Santa came.
Presents are wrapped.
Hot coco is brewing.
Christmas is almost here!

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