Friday, December 3, 2010


This is my first post.
*throws confetties*

I decided to make a new blog, but i'm not replacing my old one yet.
Basically, I decided to use my private Livejournal to keep up with the fandom and Japanese news.
I'm not posting all that much there anymore.

But I am to use this in order to post about my every day life.
I guess on a more vague level for my friends and family to read.
Nothing special.

I haven't decided yet what I want my blog to be about.

But right now, I think it will be mostly about my days back in College studying Funeral Directing, and Dreams.

I can't talk too much in details about what we do in Funeral directing, but some aspects are O.K to talk about.

and I have lots of crazy dreams. I try to write them down first thing in the morning while they are still fresh in my head.

Nothing special like I said.
But welcome anyways.

P.S When I went to register on this site, it said I already had an account with my email. So I went to have a look and did a password reset...and yeah, someone had made a blog with my email without me knowing...crazy! So i resetted the password and deleted everything (after that's MY email), also the blog was all in Portugese and the person hadn't posted in like 3 years anyways...but yeah...crazy!


Catherine P. Cua said...

Yeah! Can I link from my blog to your?

Kikumarie said...

of do you do that? i'm so confused with this site right now. lol

Anonymous said...

J'ai ajouté ton blog a mon feed RSS....Je sais pas encore comment ca marche vraiment XD lol ..J'espere qu'il va me popuper quelque chose quand ya une nouvelle entré !!!

me semble que j'avais un compte sur blogger ...mais je me souviens plus trop de l'user que j'avais pris XD lol

Y'avait vriament un portugais qui avais prit ton email pour se créé unn compte ???? Fail XD lol ...T'avais pas recu d'email de blogger pour t'avertir ???? C'est etrange :S

Marie P.L said...

Bienvenue Marie.
ouais moi non plus je comprend pas trops comment ca marche. mais bon. (je sais meme pas comment reply a ton poste).