Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pre-Christmas time

Mini Christmas tree and cheap (almost empty) bottle of wine.

Today is December 5th, meaning that Christmas is in 20 days (or 19 for those like me who celebrate on X-mas eve)
I'm ready for Christmas.
I bought a tree at the dollarama for 2$ and the mini ornaments for 2$, so my 4$ christmas tree is the center piece on my table in my residence.
Everytime I walk in my unit, i see it and it makes me smile. Because I do a countdown to how many days before the holdays. (10 days as of today!!)
I even made a Jpop X-mas/Winter playlist and it's on repeat every time I am sitting at my desk (like right now, I Wish by Kanjani8 is playing)
Today, I was an "elf" at the Teacher's kids x-mas party.
doing craft with the kids and handing out presents with Santa.
It was fun, got free food and a gift card for Subway restaurant.


I can't wait to go back home.
And it's not like we are doing anything special. I guess this year, I have learned to love and appreciate my family even more.
Last year, I was living in Japan, and I didn't miss them all that much (on the odd times i did) but this year, i'm only 3hrs away and I miss them everyday.
I guess with everything that has happened in the past few months....

So I am looking forward on finishing my 1st term in my program.
I have 5 exams and 1 projet to do before then.

I love my program...but at the same time I am looking forward on finishing it too.
I want to work!
(and make money to pay off my debts and credit card lol)

Now that I am finishing the 1st step toward my future, I am starting to see a little bit more ahead.
I'm already thinking about the house I want to buy in 2-3yrs.
Where to settle and the likes.
Now everything is possible and in 6 months it will be even more and in 18 months even more....
I'm looking forward to my future because I am doing something I enjoy.
It's a great feeling....but as of right now, I need to face those 5 exams ahaha
Biology, Embalming Theory, Embalming Lab, Orientation in Funeral Services and Law and Ethics.
One at the time!

But I'm ready for the Holidays now!
I need a break with my family.
Maybe even go skiing with them?
ahaha ok, let's not get carried away.
I'll sit in the cottage while they ski lol
10 more days!

What are your plans for Christmas?

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