Saturday, January 22, 2011


Finding a place to do my internship has proven to be more difficult then I thought.
The problem I realized was that my school, still being fairly new, is not yet known in the industry.
So when people see "College Boréal - Funeral Directing" they go "wwwhhhhaaatttt"
In ontario there are only 2 school giving that program : my school and Humber in Toronto.
My school is in french, Humber is in English.
the french school for my program that people normally go for is the one in Montréal.

So with all that, most people don't even know or heard about my school.
So here I am trying to find an internship, fighting against all the students at Humber trying to find their internship.
Most funeral homes will think "hmm student from Boréal which i never heard about, or a student from the school I graduated from....Humber it is"

Over the past month, I had been sending my résumé to over 35 Funeral homes in the GTA region and beyond and half of them came back to me with either "we are not taking interns this year" or " we already have our interns for the year". or simply, no replies at all. (only three wished me good luck in finding a place, and 2 welcomed me to this business, and 1 said they were going to keep my résumé for the future).

I'm the only one in my class who is also from the Toronto region, everyone else, are from the Ottawa region or Québec. and out of 13 students, 9 secured their internship. So I was starting to worry.

With all that, on thursday, our teacher informed us that he received an email from a funeral home in the region of Ottawa looking for interns. Quickly I sent my résumé over and not even 30 miniutes later, I got a reply back saying they were interested on speaking with me and they would get back to me.
The next day, I received a phone call from them and we engaged into a phone interview.
45 minutes later, we made plans for a face-to-face interview over my march break.
They seemed to really like me :-)

So on march 1st (tuesday) I will be meeting with them, and hopefully securing the intern post with them.
The funeral home is only at 30 minutes away from my cousin's house, so if all goes well, I will be staying with her over the spend of my internship.

I'm very excited about this!
Sure I would have loved to stay closer to home, but Ottawa isn't so bad. I know people there.
I am a bit nervous because I have to wait another moth before I know for sure if i have the post.
I also know, that another guy in my program sent his résumé there, so technically he's my rival.
But between you and I.....I have better chances then him ahahah

but eventhough...i'm keeping my finger crossed...please keep yours crossed too!

Now I will leave you with some wicked Hursts (corbillard)

For those bikers

that's just a  really ugly pick-up truck

ok it's not a hurst, but the guy turned the coffin into a car ahahaha

fancy mercedes hurst

I'm afraid of no a funeral director you can't be!

old school! that's what I want ahaha

another variation for the bikers


Gaby said...

Bonne chance avec l'entrevue! Et en passant, la moitié de ta famille vit à Ottawa ;p !

andrée said...


Je suis certaine que tu vas faire une bonne entrevue...pour le reste la vie va s'en charger..
Je vais demander congé pour le 28 et 1er mars, comme ça je vais pouvoir y aller avec toi. Comme tu n'as jamais conduit de longue distance en hiver, cela serait plus prudent que je sois avec toi. Je t,en redonne des nouvelles. Je t'aime.